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Licensing Photography - How it works


Image Licenses

Non-exclusive - this royalty-free license allows non-exclusive use of the purchased images in as many projects as you like for a one-time flat fee. The image remains the property of NZplantpics, but there are very few restrictions placed upon its use (see terms of use for details of restrictions).

This non-exclusivity does mean that other clients can also purchase and use the image. I keep a detailed record of who uses my photos and can advise you where there may be potential conflicts.

Exclusive rights - this license will ensure an image is never used by a competitor by giving you permanent exclusivity, with no time limits to the period of use.

As with a non-exclusive license, the image remains the property of NZplantpics and must be used within the parameters set down in the terms of use, however it will be removed from stock lists to ensure it cannot be re-purchased.

Image Pricing

  • For a quotation Contact Me..... for example, you may be needing:

    - Hi-resolution image non-exclusive rights
    - Hi-resolution image exclusive rights
    - Multiple smaller images (ie for websites or catalogues)

    Prices will vary depending on factors pertaining to the image itself, however the price will not vary depending on final use of the image.

    Most other stock photography sites ask probing questions about print runs and image exposure, whereas I like to keep prices low for all clients irrespective of final use.

Payment options

With a New Zealand bank account you can pay with by online bank transfer - most banks charge less for this than cheque payment plus it's quicker.

Payment by cheque in NZ$, payable to NZ Plant Pics

Customers from outside New Zealand may pay by cheque in either GBP or USD.

Expression of interest

    Contact me with a list of plants you are looking for, or with the unique file names of sample photos posted on the NZplantpics website.

    If the exact picture you require isn't on the site let me know. For example you may be looking for foliage, flower, seed or wide-angle shots - the majority of my stock images cannot be previewed on the website, but I can recommend the best image to fulfil your needs.

Preview sample images of NZ plants

    Upon receipt of your email showing an expression of interest in particular plant photos, the following can be made available for you:

    Watermarked sample jpg files - up to the actual supplied image size and quality - so you know exactly what you're buying before handing over any money.

    The specifications (pixel size dimensions) for each individual jpg image.

    Any additional images from my archives which match your requirements - only a selection of my total stock are available for preview on this website.

    A price quote, plus any other requested details.

Supply method

    Once ordered, digital photos are temporarily available for download from a secret location.
    They will be removed once you confirm receipt of your images.

    Alternatively they can be mailed direct to you on a CD.

Image Format

    Images are supplied as .jpg files with minimal compression for maximum quality, or as .tif files if requested.
    300 dpi print resolution as standard
    24 bit colour
    up to 2592x1952 pixels = 5 Mega Pixels

    Follow link for more details of print resolution (dpi) and file sizes.

    For a watermarked sample of an original file (compressed) click thumbnail. Warning - large file - 600dpi, 1952x2592 pixels.

    watermarked original sample image
Terms of use - Licensed images

By purchasing an image from NZplantpics you are hereby agreeing to abide by the following terns of use:

    • The copyright to all licensed images will remain the property of NZplantpics.
    • The following credits must visibly accompany any published image: "© (2009) Paul Ashford,"
    • Upon purchasing an image it can be used in any of the following ways:
    • brochures, advertising and promotional materials, web sites, multimedia projects, CDs, within books and magazines, on book and magazine covers, posters, greeting cards, billboards, television, packaging, or any other manner not detailed below under prohibited usage.

    • Prohibited usage. An image may not be used in any of the following ways:
    • For any purposes either libellous, pornographic, defamatory or unlawful in the country or region of intended exposure.
      For re-use in photo libraries, re-sale or re-distribution either in an original or altered form.
      For a website, such that an original NZplantpics image can be downloaded and used for any of the above activities.

    • Purchased images may be altered by the client to create new and original art, however an exclusive license must be purchased if the image is to be displayed in a photographic collection or gallery. This also applies to fine art for display in a public or private gallery.
    • NZplantpics reserves the right to change these terms of use without notice.
    • These terms of use shall be governed and interpreted by the laws of New Zealand.


Terms of use - Free Preview Images

The watermarked NZplantpics images posted in the site's many galleries may be used for the following purposes:

    • Any academic paper or student project not intended for mass publication
    • Personal or informative websites without any commercial content.

    Permission is granted to use these images without fee or royalty providing they are not modified and the watermark remains clearly visible.

    Please respect the copyright on these images and clearly acknowledge the picture's original source by labelling the photo:

    © (2009) Paul Ashford,

    If using an image on a website please make the above text into an active link to:

    Example 1 - student project

    © (2009) Paul Ashford,

    Example 2 - website

    © (2009) Paul Ashford,


NZ Plant Pics by Paul Ashford

Image copyright and licenses are important. Without them sites like this one couldn't operate. Thank you for your cooperation in abiding by the above conditions.


Paul Ashford, photographer & site author.