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Herb Plant Pictures

Herb plants have been utilised as long as humans have been around and the huge potential of medicinal herbs are still being discovered today.

For the herb gardener the herb pictures below will help identify which plants to include in a herb garden. Browse these herb plants to discover pretty flowering herbs, scented foliage herbs, medicinal herbs or perhaps something that just tastes great.




• Find below herb pictures and descriptions for some great herb plants for the herb garden.

Herb plants cultivated for well known culinary, medicinal or aromatic uses are listed here.

Agastache rugosa - Korean mint
From China and Japan. Young leaves from this herb plant have a strong anise fragrance and are used in cooking, salads or tea.

Allium schoenoprasum - chives
From Europe. A dainty herb belonging to the onion family with pretty lilac flowers. Eat the leaves raw in salads. Mild onion flavour.

Allium tuberosum - garlic chives or Chinese chives
From E. Asia. A delicious herb plant with edible leaves and flowers tasting half of garlic, half of onion.

Aloysia citriodora - lemon verbena
Syn. Aloysia triphylla, from S. America. Leaves have a heavenly lemon scent and flavour. A great herb for fruit salads! Many medicinal uses.

Calamintha sylvatica ssp ascendens - calamint or basil thyme
From Europe. A refreshing aromatic tea can be made from the leaves of this garden herb. The attractive pink flowers are loved by bees.

Foeniculum vulgare 'Purpureum' - bronze fennel - fennel flowers
Species from S. Europe. Long used as a medicinal herb, especially to improve digestion. Young leaves taste of aniseed.

Hamamelis - witch hazel
Shown here is the hybrid Hamamelis x intermedia (a cross between the Chinese and Japanese species). Witch hazel has many medicinal uses including acting as an anti-inflammatory and astringent.

Helichrysum italicum - curry plant flowers
From S. Europe. A silver foliaged herb whose leaves smell strongly of curry. Yellow flowers make this an attractive plant for the herb garden.

Lavandula angustifolia - English Lavender
From the Mediterranean. A bushy herb plant covered in highly fragrant deep purple flower spikes. A perfect edging plant for the herb garden.

Lavandula dentata - toothed lavender
From the Mediterranean. A must for the herb garden with its highly scented flowers and aromatic bluntly toothed leaves. A tall herb plant growing 1m+ and an especially good herb for hedging.

Lavandula stoechas - Spanish lavender / French lavender
From the Mediterranean. Aromatic herb distinguished from other lavender by the flower's prominent petal-like bracts.

Melissa officinalis - lemon balm
From Europe and N. Africa. Herb plant with a pleasant lemon aroma and flavour used in salads and tea. This herb has many medicinal uses.

Monarda didyma - bee balm - bergamot
From N. America. A beautiful flowering garden herb much lover by bees.

Pulmonaria officinalis - lungwort
From Europe. Evergreen herb plant with spotted leaves used for treating chest conditions such as chronic coughs and asthma.

Rosmarinus officinalis 'Prostratus' - rosemary flowers
Species from Europe. A weeping / trailing form of rosemary with evergreen aromatic leaves and blue flowers.

Rosmarinus officinalis - rosemary herb
From Europe to Asia. A shrubby evergreen culinary herb with aromatic leaves and flowers. Many medicinal uses.

Salvia officinalis - sage herb
From Europe. An evergreen shrub whose leaves are used in cooking or medicinally as an aid to digestion.

Salvia officinalis 'Purpurea' - purple sage
Species from Europe. This form of sage has the deepest purple leaves and lovely flowers in mid summer.

Santolina chamaecyparissus - cotton lavender - syn. Santolina incana
From the Mediterranean. A useful evergreen flowering herb shrub. Leaves are used for flavoruring and produce an aromatic essential oil.

Valeriana officinalis - valerian
From Europe. A perennial herb plant with scented pink flowers. Long has this herb's medicinal qualities been noted, particularly as a tranquilliser.


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