New Zealand power plugs
NZ plug adapters and travel adapter plugs - the facts


Most visitors to New Zealand bring some kind of electrical appliance with them. If you are moving to New Zealand to work, or emigrating, you may be shipping several valuable electrical appliances.

Do you want to know if they will work in New Zealand and what kind of plug adapters to bring with you? Read on…

  • New Zealand power outlets accept plugs with two flat oblique blades, with a vertical ground (inverted V). Some New Zealand power plugs just have two flat pins with no ground.

  • Very few other countries use this format, so you will almost certainly need a travel plug adapter / converter.

  • Electricity supply voltage in New Zealand is at 230/240 volts, with a frequency of 50Hz, so you might also need a voltage converter
New Zealand power plug
New Zealand power plugs look like this

If you have found this web page, you must intend to travel to New Zealand.

Arriving in a new country can be a busy and stressful time - it makes sense to purchase your New Zealand power plug adapters before you leave.

If you are travelling from the United States to New Zealand with your laptop, battery chargers, etc will mean you also need to convert from 110/120VAC up to 220/240VAC plus use a plug adapter.

Below, I have suggested some products that have received good reviews at Amazon:


Recoton ADF1650 50/1600W Dual Wattage Travel Converter
Dual voltage converter for use with 50 watt and 1600 watt devices
Converts foreign voltage (220-240V AC) to USA voltage (110-120V AC)

Dual voltage converter designed for conversion of 220-240V AC appliances to 110-120V AC (USA voltage) usage. Compatible with almost any household appliance.
For use with irons, hand-held hair dryers and bulb-type lamps Includes 5 adapter plugs and hard case

NS1650 50/1600W Dual Wattage Foreign Voltage Converter/ International World Travel Kit
Dual wattage converter for use with 50 watt and 1600 watt devices
Transforms 220/240VAC to 110/120VAC

Converts foreign voltage (220-240V AC) to USA voltage (110-120V AC)
Includes 5 plug adapters and travel case, Will fit outlets in virtually any country
For use with hair dryers, irons, coffee makers, clothes steamers, hair stylers, radios, CD players, camcorder chargers, etc.