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Including New Zealand native garden plants - cultivars bred for their merits in your garden or landscaping scheme.

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Coprosma robusta - karamu

Coprosma robusta
glossy karamu


A common shrub throughout New Zealand often colonising wherever some light penetrates the tree canopy.

When covered in fruit can look spectacular and is a welcome food source for native birds.

Karamu fruit close up
glossy karamu fruit


Gaultheria antipoda

Gaultheria antipoda
false beech
fools beech
bush snowberry

A very tough evergreen shrub with bright pink fruits in Autumn.



Hoheria populnea 'Variegata'

Hoheria populnea 'Variegata'

Not as vigorous as the species, this forms a small dense tree over time, or can be clipped into a small compact shrub.

variegated lacebark flower close up
Hoheria populnea 'Variegata'  flower


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Festuca novae-zelandiae

Festuca novae-zelandiae
fescue tussock
hard tussock

A common grass in dry, windy and cold central plains. Sometimes also called sheeps fescue, or Festuca ovina var. novae-zelandiae.

Tussocks at rocky Middlemarch, Otago, NZ
Middlemarch, Otago, NZ

Tussock grass planted in border with other natives
Tussock grass planted in border with other natives



Phormium 'Jester'
New Zealand Flax

A favourite ornamental flax variety with striking salmon pink foliage. Doesn't grow too tall either (about 1m) and looks amazing contrasting with darker foliage plants - here Pittosporum 'Tom Thumb' forms the background.

Here Phormium 'Jester' is planted as a border, or edging plant.
Pink NZ Flax as edging plant


Carpodetus serratus

Carpodetus serratus

A slow-growing tree often seen as a shrub growing in damp shady conditions beneath tree cover. The marbled foliage of this plant is most striking.

Marbleleaf flower close up
Putaputaweta, or Marbleleaf



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