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Hoheria Photography
- New Zealand lacebark, houhere, ribbonwood trees

Hoheria - Genus contains 5 species of trees. All are endemic to New Zealand (native nowhere else). Their common name - lacebark or ribbonwood - arises from the fibrous layer found beneath the tree's bark which resembles lace.



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Hoheria lyallii photography

Mountain lacebark . New Zealand native tree or large shrub. Grows to 3m tall. Hoheria lyallii has serrated oval leaves and is covered in white flowers resembling cherry blossom through summer.



Hoheria glabrata photographs

Houhere, houhi. New Zealand native tree or large shrub. Deciduous. Grows to 3m tall. Hoheria glabrata has soft green serrated leaves and is covered in white flowers resembling cherry blossom through summer.



Hoheria populnea photography

Lacebark, houhere, ribbonwood. New Zealand native tree, growing up to 6m tall. Hoheria populnea has pointed leathery leaves with serrated edges. Many, many starry white flowers from summer to autumn.




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Hoheria angustifolia photographs

Narrow-leaved houhere. New Zealand native tree with a slender upright habit growing to 6m tall. Hoheria angustifolia has a prolonged divaricated juvanile stage. Adult leaves are narrow and elongated. Starry white houhere flowers

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Hoheria sexstylosa photography

Houhere, lacebark. New Zealand native tree growing to 6m. Distinguished from Hoheria populnea by its distinct weeping habit, longer narrower leaves and smaller starry white flowers



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