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Metrosideros Photography
• New Zealand Pohutukawa and Rata species

Metrosideros - Genus from South Africa, the Pacific Islands, Australia and New Zealand. Family - Myrtaceae.

There are around 50 Metrosideros species. Of these, 12 are endemic to New Zealand growing as evergreen trees, shrubs and epiphytic climbers.

Flowers are made up of many stamens (similar to a Bottlebrush) most commonly in shades of red, but also in pink, white and yellow. Metrosideros trees and vines flower from spring through to late summer.

Click on thumbnails below for larger New Zealand Metrosideros photographs. This is a selction only, please contact NZ Plant Pics if you would like to view more Metrosideros photos.

Metrosideros umbellata photography

Southern rata

Metrosideros umbellata tree Metrosideros umbellata flowers

Metrosideros umbellata foliage Metrosideros umbellata buds

Metrosideros robusta photography

Northern rata

Metrosideros robusta tree Metrosideros robusta flowers

Metrosideros robusta flowers Northern rata flowers

more Metrosideros robusta photos


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Metrosideros garden varieties photography

Rata and Pohutukawa cultivar garden plants

Metrosideros 'Gold Nugget'

Metrosideros 'Gold Nugget'

A slow growing compact cultivar. The golden leaves with their vivid orange edges are stunning. The flowers appear from December and are very similar to the southern rata (Metrosideros umbellata)

Metrosideros kermadecensis 'Variegata'

Metrosideros kermadecensis 'Variegata'

A variegated form of the Kermadec Pohutukawa, a separate Metrosideros species from New Zealand's Kermadec Islands. Doesn't grow as tall as the normal Pohutukawa, flowering intermittently throughout the year instead of in one big flush at Christmas.

Metrosideros carminea

Metrosideros carminea

A climbing vine rata from New Zealand's damp forests. Metrosideros carminea is a species often propagated from cuttings of adult plants, resulting in a non-climbing shrubby form as pictured. It can also be planted as a climbing or trailing plant. Covered in red flowers each spring.

Metrosideros fulgens 'Gold'

Syn. 'Aurata'
This rata species is really a climber of native forest. Due to this rata's compact form (reaching only 1m) it's often grown by gardeners. Mimicing its natural habitat, roots must be kept cool.


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