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The white star-shaped Manuka flowers are a common sight over many months through the New Zealand summer. They are a wonderful site smothering native New Zealand bush like a sprinkling of white sugar.

An emerging worldwide market for New Zealand Tea Tree Manuka honey has resulted in many apiarists cultivating abundant Manuka bush to procure the unique Manuka honey.

The New Zealand Tea Tree's scientific name is Leptospermum scoparium (scoparium = broom-like, referring to one of Manuka's commonest uses). Settlers in New Zealand reputedly used the leaves as a substitute for tea from China, hence their common name.

Growing to 4m+, Manuka may be found throughout New Zealand in a variety of habitats, being tolerant of poor soils, exposure and even waterlogged sites. Manuka is fast-growing and will rapidly give cover for revegetation projects, or an excellent screen, being easily clipped into an attractive yet robust hedge.


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Manuka flowers

Manuka flowers Manuka flowers

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A number of New Zealand Tea Tree cultivars can be grown, ranging from tall upright shrubs to low trailing Manuka varieties. These cultivars give the gardener a huge array of long-flowering varieties in various colours from white to pink to red.